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What is Solve For Billions Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are intensive, accelerated learning programs that teach beginners digital skills like Full-Stack Web Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and UX/UI Design.


Solve For Billions bootcamp teach a technical curriculum in popular languages and frameworks like KaiOS, AOSP, Ruby on Rails, Python on Django, JavaScript, and PHP stacks.


They will also be heavily project based, and require developers to immediately put their learnings into practice. Developers build fully functional web-apps, do data analysis and use real dev tools just weeks into their programs.


Following intensive coursework, bootcamps train developers for their new career in the tech industry. Developers graduate from bootcamps with a skills to develop and submit apps on JioStore.


The Solve For Billions Bootcamp is a hands-on introduction to designing and building mobile applications using the KaiOS & Android open source platform.


The Solve For Billions Bootcamp explains the philosophy of developing for KaiOS & Android open source platform through its main application development building blocks and their interaction with one another.

This completely hands-on course encourages students to learn by building increasingly more sophisticated and meaningful mobile applications for KaiOS & Android open source platform.

By the end of the course, each participant will build their own complete KaiOS & Android open source platform application incorporating most of the key aspects of the platform & deploy it across JioPhones, Set Top Box & Jio VR.

To take this course, you must know HTML,CSS,Javascript or Java.

You should be able to answer most of the following questions:

• What is a difference between a class and an object?

• What is the difference between static and non-static field?

• What is the difference between extends and implements keywords?

• What is an anonymous inner class?

• What is the purpose of @Override?

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for software developers interested in designing, creating, deploying, and testing applications for the KaiOS & Android open source platform mobile phone platform. It is valuable to both novices as well as experts (who already have experience in developing mobile applications for other platforms).

  • KaiOS Architecture
  • KaiOS Technology Stack
  • Visual Style Guide
    • Launcher Icon
    • Action Icon
    • UI Component
    • Typography
  • Environment Setup
  • Simulator
  • My First App
    • Multiple Resolutions
    • Notifications
    • Storage
    • Caching
    • Network State Changes
    • Manifest
    • App Permissions
  • Run & Debug
  • Submission Guidelines

2) Android Open Source Platform

  • History of Android Open Source Platform
  • Android Open Source Platform Stack
  • Hello Android
  • Architecting Android Open Source Platform Apps
  • Debugging and Testing Android Open Source Platform Apps
  • Android Open Source Platform Security Overview
  • Activities and User Interface
  • Action Bar and Navigation
  • Preferences
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers
  • Lists and Adapters
  • Fragments
  • Testing Overview
Easy to Build
Using our easy to build stack – one can build easily even the most massive functionalities
Easy to Deploy
Deploy quickly across Jio Phones, AR/ VR & Set Top Box Marketplace
Reach to Masses
Reach to billions of daily users across Jio Phones, AR/VR Users and Set Top Box viewers
What’s Jio Phone

                   The feature phone reinvented

Jio Store is a One Stop Platform to build and reach to millions of users
Health Apps
Educational Apps
Streaming Apps
Utility Apps
Entertainment Apps
Social Apps
IDeal App Dev Life Cycle
01. Planning & Strategy
02. Design & Developer
03. Test & Deliver
04. Support
Why choose us
Platform Advantage

Build Scalabale Apps leveraging below core platform stregths

Jio Developer Platform offers a unique advantage to developers to build & deploy across platforms and devices like Jio Store, AR / VR Marketplace & Set Top Box Marketplace.

Million Calls Weekly
Million Users
Total Subscriptions
GB's Hourly Data Consumption

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